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St. Patrick's Day Ideas from My Insanity

Lucky Shirts from My Insanity

Hi everyone!  Kendra here from My Insanity, where I blog about the ideas, parties, holidays, crafts, home decor, and other projects that cause people to tell me that I am crazy.  Come to think of it, I'm not sure I'm normal enough to be posting here today. :-)

Be Different, Act Normal is one of my favorite places to go for ideas. There are so many great ones here! Lorie has been good to feature some of my ideas over the years. I jumped at the chance to share a few more with you all.

I'm not super big on St. Patrick's Day (we might be a tiny bit Irish?), but I love most reasons to celebrate, and have a few fun posts on my blog that might put you in a festive mood this year.  Here's a round-up of the St. Patrick's Day insanity you can find on my blog:

Lucky Shirts

Ironically, but not surprisingly, I was first inspired to make these shirts from a post here on Be Different, Act Normal.

I break down what I learned about the bleach technique on my blog.  I used it again for some big brother/big sister t-shirts when my baby was born. It think we were a little better at it the second time. It's a fun way to keep from getting pinched!

Lucky Leprechaun Cake

I tell you how to make this simple pot of gold cake and where to find the free printable for the fun frolicking leprechauns in this post.

Ruben Loaf Recipe 

If you are looking for something festive and yummy to serve on St. Patrick's Day, try my friend Kim's Reuben Loaf. I'm not a huge corned beef and cabbage fan, but this was delicious!

Sophisticating St. Patrick's Day

I still really want to try this one day. In this post, I outline all of my ideas for a sophisticated St. Patrick's Day celebration. I don't get that excited about plastic shamrocks and other trinkets, but I would so LOVE to visit Ireland one day! This post describes how I think you might be able to pull off a dinner or party that would celebrate the beauty and more elegant side of Ireland. Please let me know if you do a party like this! I would love to see how it turns out!

I would feel so lucky if you would come and visit me over on "My Insanity!"


I think I am going to have to give a Reuben loaf a try! 
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