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Red Velvet Recipe

Heritage Red Velvet Cake from Sprinkle Bakes

Since moving to Texas, my two oldest kids have decided that red velvet cake is their favorite.  What really happened is that my son had a really good red velvet cupcake from a local bakery, declared it his favorite flavor, and Lou wanted to be like her brother and went along with it.  We have been here a year and it has stuck.

I have only made red velvet from a box up until now, but I think Valentine's Day is the perfect time for me to try one from scratch.  I figure even if I mess it up it will be slathered in my favorite cream cheese frosting, so it can't turn out that bad.

So what recipe am I going to try?  I think I am going to give the Heritage Red Velvet Cake recipe from Sprinkle Bakes a shot.

(On a side note I have to find those cute mini heart confetti sprinkles this week!)

I had a very scientific way of deciding to try her recipe.  I fell in love with the crumb coat on her heart shaped red velvet cake.  That is as good of reason as any in my book.

You can check out her crumb covered cake, how to cut your cake into a cute heart, and her red velvet recipe HERE.

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Janiece said...

Heck with Thanksgiving and Christmas...
I am going to gain tons just celebrting all the VALENTINE'S recipes.