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Matchbox Valentines

Matchbox Valentines from Life In The Thrifty Lane

We have been stuck in the house all week.  It isn't because of snow like half of the country (although we did have our first ever snow day as a family on Friday) but because of sick kids.  I am hoping we all get better ASAP because we are running out of time to make cute valentines.  And it doesn't help that I have  found 50 ideas that I love online and only have three children.

My latest favorite?   Matchbox valentines from Life in the Thrifty Lane.  They are small, so they won't take too much time to decorate, but they are full of cute possibilities.  And I love that they are just the right size for a tiny candy bar.  I think Hershey Miniatures would fit perfectly inside.

The kids usually want to pick out their own valentines, but the bribe of good candy always wins me a few points.

You can see more of Veronica's cute matchbox valentines HERE.


Amy @ Positively Splendid said...

These are absolutely darling!

Unknown said...

I hope you will link this post to my Virtual Valentine's Day Party. I bet my readers would enjoy seeing it.

Unknown said...

Awww... these are so darn cute:) TY for sharing!

Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

Thank you so much for featuring my V-Day Matchboxes!!

Sawdust Girl said...

These are just so cute!