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Love Boat Valentine Box

Love Boat from Between U & Me

This week both of my school aged kiddos have to create a box to collect their valentines in at school.  In first grade it is just a regular decorated box.  In fourth grade they have a competition.  The only restrictions are that the box has to fit in the classroom door.  I saw some of the 'boxes' that kids were carrying in last year.  Giant Wii remotes, robots, huge hearts, you name it.  We have been brainstorming ideas, and I can't wait to show The Boy this Love Boat from Between U & Me in the morning.  

I probably won't bring up the "Love Boat' title until after I convince him it is a good idea.  And we will have to find a way to make this about 100 times bigger than this milk carton size, but I am hoping that he will like it!

If the boy doesn't go for it, maybe I can talk Lou into making this smaller version.  You can check out Courtney's tutorial HERE.

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kiki comin said...

love it. so fun.

Courtney said...

Aw! Yay, thanks for featuring me! XOXO

Marie said...

That is so cute!


Lorie said...

My son was not a fan (I knew the name Love Boat would throw it off!!) But my daughter is in!!

nest of posies said...

"...come aboard. it's exciting & new. it's the LOVE BOAT!"

this is wonderful. you are awesome.