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Ice Sculptures

My oldest daughter is supposed to make an ice sculpture as part of her homework this week.  I was trying to be cool like Amy and I thought we could do something fun like a tall rainbow striped tower or add things inside the ice like these blocks from  Craftberry Bush:

I should have known she wouldn't go for it.  She loves art and is super creative, but if her teacher didn't tell her she could do it, she won't even consider it.

This is the same girl that at age 4 freaked out that I tried to buy snacks at the store for the snack basket because her teacher said that she should fill the basket with snacks from HOME.  After a ten minute discussion I finally had to call Ms. Renay and have her explain that it was okay to buy the snacks at the store.

I sent an email to her teacher and hopefully we will still have time to do something fun with our ice sculpture.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like me as a kid :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Sounds like both my kids too!

Amie said...

LOL that's funny! So literal! And the ice sculpture is beautiful!

christy said...

I have one of those too! He has laxed a little nit now that he is 7, but k-1 was touch & go.

Lorie said...

Christy, my daughter is 7 now and it is still going strong. I did email her teacher and she said to be as creative as we wanted and she couldn't wait to see her sculpture, so after reading the email to Lou we made a second...and a third...and a fourth one. We are working on number 5 and then she will pick her favorite to take to school tomorrow. I will have to say that the all blue one came out pretty cool though because the food coloring didn't mix completely.