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How To Add Crown Molding To Your Kitchen Cabinets

I am in full Valentine's Day swing here, but in the background (also known as real life) I am also in the home buying mode.  So I can't help put share this post with you from Remodelaholics on how to add crown molding to your kitchen cabinets.  How to turn this:

into this:

Mostly I am blogging about it so that in a couple of months I will know where to find it, but hopefully it will be useful to some of you too!

You can also see the tutorial over at Houseography.


Laura said...

These look gorgeous! Good luck with this project when you get around to it! If only I had cabinetry that was conducive to crown molding... instead I have ugly painted steel cabinets that hand too far down from the ceiling for any molding to artfully frame them... Can't wait to see your finished kitchen!

Melissa at HOUSEography said...

Thanks for the shout out!