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Furniture Glazing

We used our magical rewards points from our Amex to buy ourselves a new TV for Christmas.  Our old TV was starting to lose much that when kids would come over to play they would ask what was wrong with our TV.  It was one thing when 9 year old boys mentioned it, but when 3 year olds started to notice we knew it was time.

The new TV will require a TV stand.  I want something like this dresser from Tiffany Ruda:

or this one that belongs to my favorite cousin in law Katie :

So I will be keeping my eyes on Craigslist for just the right dresser and bookmarking this tutorial from Sausha from Show and Tell on how she glazes furniture:

Of course this all needs to happen quickly because the TV is sitting on the floor at the moment and Ruby  almost kicks it every time she dances around the living room.


janadec9 said...

I bookmarked that same post about glazing...we just got a bench/coffee table thing that needs some glazing.

DanielleisNesting said...

I bookmarked it too!!

Kori said...

Congrats on your new tv honey! Hey, did you ever get a chance to put something together for the email tutorial? If not, take your time...just checkin. I've updated my blog look, so head over and check it out if you get a chance. Let me know what you think! Kori xoxo

Katie said...

Well golly, thank you!! I am loving the title of favorite cousin-in law. I think I'm going to start making everyone call me that - Even people who are my cousins. Or my in-laws.

PS - Don't tell my new entertainment center, but I have never even heard of glazing!