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Show and Tell .... Sunday!

I am sort of still in vacation mode.  Actually it is more like Christmas hangover mode.  And I feel WAY out of the blogging loop, even though it has only been like one day of not reading blogs.

So to make me feel more in the loop and to give me another day to shake of the Christmas vacation mode, I thought we would have an impromptu make up Show and Tell Saturday Sunday!!

Lets pretend that I crossed out the Saturday and put Sunday on the button too.  I would have if I was at home on my computer that has photoshop, but I just can't pull off that kind of magic from my phone.

It is anything goes, so show me your favorite post from the week...or even from last year for that matter! (Which reminds me that next week, we will have an extended Show and Tell Saturday and it will be your favorite post from 2010!  There might even be a fun little contest!

So add a link to your favorite post of the week below.  
Please link directly to your post not just the homepage of your blog. 
Please be a friendly participant and check out some of the other projects that have been shared.  It is more fun when people are listening when you get up for show and tell!


Bonnie said...

So excited to link, but your party is scheduled to start in ONE year! Ha, ha. I will watch for you to fix it!

Lorie said...

YEah, I JUST caught that!

Thanks! It should be fixed now!!

Kayla said...

Hahaha I'm glad you fixed it! I came here earlier and was wondering why it didn't work!