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Mod Podge Christmas Ornaments

Christian from Mod Object at Home made these cute ornaments with a second grade class:

Plain plastic ball ornaments were transformed with some tissue paper and mod podge.  I am planning the Christmas party for my son's fourth grade class and I am thinking this might be the perfect project for them!

Or you can ditch the balls altogether and start saving your juice lids for this cute idea from The Crafting Chicks:

Again, the magic of mod podge and some cute paper tags transformed regular juice lids to ornaments.  I am thinking the pictures my husband took of the kids hanging ornaments tonight would actually make a cute ornament:


Katie said...

That is such a magical picture!

Unknown said...

That picture would SOOOOOOO be cute as an ornament OR even framed on the wall somewhere during the holiday season.

Unknown said...

These are absolutely delightfully cute!

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Lorie -- The past few weeks have been so full that it was just this morning that I discovered my little modge podge ornament featured here. Thank you... what a compliment and an honor. I hope your son's fourth grade class enjoys the project.

FYI, a few of my readers asked for a "how to" post so I posted a simple tutorial here.