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Homemade Wrapping Paper

Helping Little Hands posted about a project that uses two of my very very Very VERY favorite things.  That is four verys, so you know I am serious.  These are two things I truly believe no home, especially one with kids, should be without.

 Do you know what they are?  I will give you a hint.  Neither of them are made by Apple.  Now THAT is saying something!

They are butcher paper and cookie cutters.

If I ever lost my mind and became one of those people that gets rid of everything and lives with only 100 possessions than I would have to give up socks or something so that I could keep cookie cutters and butcher paper around.

And here is an example of why I love them both:

You can do a MILLION things with them.  I wonder if that is an exaggeration.  Maybe I will have to do a series next year and see if I can come up with a million uses for them.  That would be a LOT of butcher paper.  And a lot of posts.  Like 2,740 posts a DAY!  And that is a lot even for ME!

Polly used them to make wrapping paper.  She used the cookie cutters as stamps and dipped them in paint and stamped them on the butcher paper.

And talk about a kid friendly craft!  Or elf friendly even.


JC's Loft said...

Genius! I never thought of using cookie cutters as stamps...hmmmm...haha you see the wheels turning in my head : )


Lorie said...

I can't wait to see what you do with the idea Paula!!

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke said...

wow, my have some passionate love for butcher paper and cookie cutters! the idea of cookie cutters are great, but i don't use them to bake, but i bet my daughter would love tracing them if we had butcher paper because she is loving drawing these days. dang...does that mean i have to add butcher paper to the list?

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Thanks so much for the link, Lorie! You're awesome!