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Five Point Snowflakes

Jess from How About Orange makes some gorgeous snowflakes.  She has used them in a garland:

and to embellish her gift wrap:

And you can find out how to make gorgeous snowflakes like these HERE.

The snowflakes that will be hanging from my son's classroom ceiling for their Winter party are now going to be 100 times better looking than they would have been.  Thanks Jess!


Hildie said...

This is so funny. I just sat down at my computer to search the internet looking for a tutorial on making better-looking snowflakes (mine look the same as my 4th graders). But there it was right on front of me!

Lorie saves the day! (or at least an hour of my time).

Delia said...

I love that you don't need a fancy cutting machine to achieve this look. Nice link.