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Christmas Tree Vase

Celebrations at Home took some vases from Ikea and transformed them into glass Christmas trees:

They look like the perfect size to replace the glass bottle that holds my dish soap in the kitchen.  And it just so happens that I am in need of one since one of the kiddos knocked it off the sink and broke it last week.

I love having an excuse to go to Ikea.


Brittany Sorensen said...

So cute! I love Ikea too...unfortunately the closest Ikea to my house is 4 1/2 hours away. :[ If you go, give me a call...I've got a looonnnngggg list for you.

Lorie said...

Brittany, I am really lucky to have one about ten minutes down the road.

Don't hate me! ;D

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Thanks for sharing my little vase craft! : )