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Chocolate Dipping

For Halloween I wanted to do a caramel apple bar, but I couldn't think of a way to keep the caramel and the chocolate melted in large quantities.  I experimented with a crock pot, but there wasn't enough temperature control.

But now that problem is solved!  I saw this picture over at At Second Street:

Of course now I am kicking myself for not buying a roaster oven when they were on sale around Thanksgiving. I will know better next year.  I am going to add it to my wish list!  Maybe I will even be crazy enough to buy two, if I can find a place to store them!


supermom said...

you can still get the roasters at Walmart for about $20. Best thing I have ever bought. I make my Thanksgiving day Turkey in it every year. Takes so much stress out of the day!

The Morrisseys said...

A fondue pot might do the trick. At my work Christmas party we always do fondue, and one of the pots is filled with chocolate. YUM!

Courtney said...

If you don't want to spend the money on roasters, I have a trick for you.

Take the bowl you plan on keeping the caramel or chocolate melted in, and find one slightly larger it can set in. Then place a heat pad on low inside the bigger bowl, and the dipping bowl on top of the heating pad in the bigger bowl. Voila! Temperature control via Alton Brown.