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Candy Cane Pancakes

After I posted the Christmas pancakes, my favorite cousin-in-law ever added a link to these great candy cane pancakes in the comment section:

The best part is that they have peppermint oil in them, so they are really candy cane flavored pancakes too!  Okay, maybe that isn't the best part.  They are pretty unbelievably gorgeous too!

You have to go and check out Jim's Pancakes IMMEDIATELY!  Because if you think these candy canes are cool, check out the 3D dinosaur bones pancakes that he made:

And one of my personal favorites, the beehive:

I apologize in advance for the hour you will spend looking at these amazing pancakes when you should be wrapping presents or finishing your holiday shopping!


CraftyBrit said...

That guys website is inSANE! And those candy cane pancakes...I think they were made for peppermint lovers like me. I just know if I actually tried them, they would be hideous :)

christy said...

That is crazy awesome! Love this. I have made shapes for my son
& his friends, and their intials, but this, this is awesome!

Katie said...

Love it! Except next time, instead of "one of my readers," I would prefer, "my favorite cousin-in-law EVER!" :)

Katie said...

Hahaha! Goodness, I hope you know I was just teasing! Although I'm kind of liking the new title! ;)