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Thanksgiving Cup Markers

If you are having a big group over for Thanksgiving and your event is a little classier than busting out a sharpie to write names on cups, you might like this idea that I posted about a couple of years ago:

These were for a wedding, so the monograms are all the same, but you could use Fall colors and write each persons name or initials on their little stirrer.  Of course you will have to be careful that nobody pokes their eye out!  My grandmother was always worried about that.

I also like this idea and I have quite a few faux Fall leaves lying around the house:

Do you have a special way you keep track of drinks?


Anonymous said...

We spend Thanksgiving out at the dunes, so we are the sharpie family LOL We write the kids names on their water bottles. As far as actual cups, everyone has their own and they are all different. This way they don't get confused!

Tragic Sensation said...

LOVE it!

Amie said...

LOL we're definitely the Sharpie on plastic cups type of people! But these are adorable. The leaves are really classy too. :) (even though they're dead, dying, and orange--Fall trifecta!)