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Thanksgiving Crafts

Party Frosting has a ton of cute turkey ideas for your Thanksgiving table, and her post reminded me of all the fun party ideas at

They have these cute felt turkey pops:

Using a plate or bowl, trace an 8-inch circle onto brown felt and cut it out. Fold the circle in half twice to find the center and snip a hole for the stick to go through. Stretch the felt around the sucker, securing it with a rubber band. Fluff and fan out the excess felt, then add crafts foam face pieces and googly eyes to complete the face.
This fun faux pinecone made from an egg carton:

ake an empty cardboard egg carton and cut the carton into 12 individual cups (an adult should do this step). Cut a "V" slit into each side of the cup using the "V" that is already part of the cup as a guide, and gently spread out the pieces like petals of a flower. Paint all the pieces brown, then layer and glue the pieces together. Wrap a rubber band around the bottom of the top piece to keep it closed, then insert a card between the "petals."

And this yarn cornucopia:

First make a mold by covering a 6-inch plastic foam cone with aluminum foil, crumpling excess foil at the tip to make a curved end. Then dip a 3-foot length of brown yarn into a bowl of white glue, removing excess glue between your fingertips, and wind the wet yarn around the cone. Continue wrapping lengths of glue-covered yarn around the cone until covered. Let the cone dry for a few days, then twist the cornucopia off the cone.
There are a lot of other cute holiday crafts at and even more fun turkey projects over at Party Frosting.


Stuff by Ash said...

Those suckers are soo clever and of course, soo cute! That's one Thanksgiving craft I think I could handle.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the support, as always!

hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

Kelli W said...

That pine cone is AWESOME! I love it!