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Rice Krispie Turkey Treats

I am really starting to love Twitter!  It has about a million different uses for that social media beast, but I love the friendly little chats that you can have with other bloggers about your favorite blog posts!

Last night A Few of My Favorite Things shared a link to the blog Give Me Some Oven.  First, lets just take a minute to admire how cute that blog name is.  I love clever blog names and that one is right up there with some of my all time favorites.

Now, lets take a minute to check out these super cute Rice Krispie turkey treats that she made:

And they are even PEANUT BUTTER Rice Krispie treats.  That may not make them look much different, but it does make them almost twice as delicious.  Unless you don't like peanut butter, then you should just make them with regular Rice Krispie treats.

On a side note, PLEASE add a little vanilla extract to your Rice Krispie treats when you make them.  Trust me.

Now back to the turkey.  That cute turkey with all the perfect little details that you can make with just about any flavor Rice Krispie treat that your heart desires.  You can check them  out HERE.


Kayla said...

Oh my gosh those are soooo cute! And peanut butter = genius!

Sarah at The Stroller Ballet said...

How adorable!! That reminds me - I should make some rice crispie treats!! I love them and so does Peanut!

Unknown said...

so cute!!! I second the vanilla addition! and I wish I had more time for twitter, it's great!

hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

those look YUMMY!

Lorie said...

Kim, I am glad to have your endorsement on the vanilla!

Jen @ Just for Rachel said...

Just tried the vanilla, YUM! Thanks for the tip! I am trying not to eat a third piece tonight :)