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Pretty Pies and Pie Crusts

Pies are just about the easiest things to dress up, about a million times easier than a cake, and tell me who doesn't like extra crust with their pie. 

Actually, don't answer that.  Because I will have to judge you if you don't like pie crust.

Here are some fun ideas for dressing up your Thanksgiving pie!

A little sugar dusing makes it even prettier!

Martha Stewart is always full of beautiful ideas:

I like this idea from Take A Megabite too:

You can use leafs cut outs, or you can use the dough you cut the leaves out of:

And if you aren't a pretty pie crust crimper, you can ditch it all together and use one of Paula Deen's sneaky tricks:

There are about a million ways to dress up your pie.  What is your pretty pie trick?
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