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Halloween Tutu Room Decor

Icing Designs posted a tutorial on how to make these long, cute tutus that she used for her daughters Halloween costume:

Even though Halloween is over, she is right when she says that tutus are fun all year round.  Plus, with Christmas coming they can be a fun handmade gift to give.

But looking at that picture I think they would make a pretty cute decoration in my girls rooms too.  They each have a couple of pettiskirts in different colors and we just don't have the drawer space in their room for them.  Now I am trying to think of a cute way to hang them in their rooms.  Any suggestions?


Sidnie said...

Can you hang them from the ceiling in a corner of their room?
Like you see with the paper lanterns?

Lorie said...


Once upon a time I saw a picture of someone that had a bunch of colorful pettiskirts hanging on the wall almost like a garland. I am trying to think of a cute way to implement that in their room using the ones that we have.