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Ghost Pillowcase Dress

Mandy from Sugar Bee Craft Edition made this cute pillowcase dress for her daughter:
Pillowcase dresses are so fun and you can see her tutorial on how to make one HERE.  You can use this one as a cute holiday outfit or even a costume!

Ruby has a great Haunted House pillowcase dress that her aunt Re made for her.  I am hoping it will still fit this year!!  I would show you a super cute picture of it, but of course I can't find one at the moment!  Gotta love my picture organization method.  Not really loving it at the moment!


Mandy Beyeler said...

thanks so much for the feature!

LakshmiRP said...

Cute! Here are my attempts at pillow case dress for my Darling Daughter

The first link one has a mini-tute as well

Lorie said...

Your daughter is so cute! And I love those dresses! Especially the colors! Gorgeous!