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Faux Window Treatments

You have to check out these window treatments from Life in the Fun Lane:

There are a ton of great trick to learn from her post.  First, there is no window behind one of those curtains, second she used one rod cut in half, and third the way she installed those rods is brilliant!  They screw into the wall!  You can check out all of these fun tricks HERE.


Amie said...

How come I can't have a pretty home like these people? How come how come how come?

KellyMellyBoBellyBananaFanna said...

i like her chandy.


Casey Lu said...

The wood floors are just gorgeous and the fake window idea, brilliant! I have one wall in my living room that could use this idea as we don't know what to do with that wall...well now we do! Thanks for sharing!

Janell said...

To my eye it's painfully obvious that there's nothing behind the left-hand drape. A light and a narrow mirror behind the fake panel might improve the hopeful illusion of a third window. Perhaps it looks better in low lighting conditions.

That said, I _much_ _much_ prefer the pretty symmetry of a "fake window" than the alternative. Without a fake window the room would drive me nuts.