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Cookie Cutter Cheese

We found out a couple of days ago that we will be alone for Thanksgiving.  First time ever.  I am a little sad (we will not talk about the fact that my oven is not big enough to cook both a turkey and side dishes) but I am also excited too.  Being away from family will not be fun, but this will be the first major holiday we have ever spent alone in the 12 years we have been married.

So I am looking forward to starting our own tradition.  My husband is already trying to talk me into going on a trip, but my only plans so far involve cheese:

I don't know where we will be or who we will be with, but we will have cheese and crackers as an hors d'oeuvre so that I can cut my cheese into cute pumpkin shapes like this fun snack form Smashed Peas and Carrots.

You have to start somewhere, right?

I am not sure that cheese and crackers are actually fancy enough to be called an hors d'oeuvre, but cutting them out with a cute cookie cutter has to help elevate them a little.

And if you have the cute little cookies cutters (the miniature size) that you will need to make these, you should use them to make homemade croutons for your salad in fun shapes too.  I think my sister-in-law refers to her Halloween croutons and Boo-tons.


Delia said...

When you are the chef for Thanksgiving anything goes I say! :)

mary said...

try a water park with a mini kitchen! how much fun!??

Katie said...

We're spending our first Thanksgiving alone too!

Also, I really, really wish you had titled this post, "Cutting the Cheese." Think of all the traffic that would have attracted!

cleverlyinspired said...

I would love it if you could enter my link party and pass along....thanks!!!

Nutbird said...

You don't have to be alone for Thanksgiving, invite someone over. There are always people that can't make the long trek to their family. And because you usually have family around, or go to your family's, you won't be stuck with these people forever. You can always make the side dishes the day before, then heat them up in the microwave. Ann