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Billions of Bats

Back on first day of October we took our kiddos on a Bat Tour.  Austin is home to the largest bat colony in North America.  There are an estimated 1.5 million bats that live under the Congress Avenue Bridge downtown.  I know 1.5 million is nowhere near a billion, but it is so much more fun to say billions of bats!

We took a bat cruise for our first bat watching excursion and I think it will become a new family tradition of ours.  What better way to start off October than a million bats!

The Boy and Lou La on the Bat Cruise.  Ruby was sleeping on her Daddy's lap.

Dana from Made is also from the Austin area.  And instead of going to the bats, she brought the bats to her house:

Even my husband fell in love with this idea.  I love how it looks like they came in through the window!    You can check out the rest of Dana's bats HERE and you can get the template for this critters over at Country Living.


Taylor said...

I would never be able to take a bat tour! They terrify me LOL. And we live in the country so I see them all to often.

I love the bats from Dana. her house always takes great pics because she seems to have all bare walls! Strange for such a craft girl to have such bare walls all the time.

mary said...

we had a bat in our attic bathroom last month so this would scare the crap out of DH who had to deal with it!! lol. SO cute though!
and on the plus side; DH finally fixed the sofit on the house. :)

dana said...

Wow, your photo is great! I've gotta do that cruise now. And your kids are darling. Thanks for link!

Lorie said...

I wish that was my picture! It was much darker when they came out (I guess that has to do with the rain and them not having to go as far to find bugs...all things I learned on the bat cruise! ;D)

That image was found using good old Google. The source is under the picture! ;D

Sarah said...

Now I want to go see the bats again. I don't think I have gone to see them in years though at one of the conventions in town this summer everyone was amazed by the bats.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Your kiddos are so cute!!!
We get bats here all the time when the weather is warm. I think they are cool to look at as long as they don't get to close!

Amy @ Positively Splendid said...

Those bats through the window are too clever! I grew up in New Mexico, and I always thought the bats at Carlsbad Caverns were so cool. :)

Amanda said...

Oh my they are so cute!!! (your kids, not the bats)



Unknown said...

It is quite a sight to see all the bats. There's a bridge on I35 and McNeil up in Round Rock that's great for watching the bats too. Just don't stand underneath where they all fly out!

Indiri Wood said...

I'm so glad you found this! This has been a great addition to the decorations this year. I put up a few photos on my blog if anyone is interested.