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Snack Time from Show and Tell Saturday

There were some yummy (and interesting) treats shared on Show and Tell Saturday.

Sew Incredibly Crafty shared tomato and parmesan crustini recipe:

Jellybean Junkyard shared how she makes her carmel corn:

Diane shared Pitty Pat Paperie's parfait:

Envy My Cooking shared the recipe for this Skillet Lasagna:

What I love about this is you can stick an olive on each of the dollops of sour cream and you have spooky eyeballs, which make this an option for Halloween dinner!

Cherished Treasures shared her favorite night time snack, and although it looks like it, it isn't a s'more:

And the one that I am the most intrigued by is this one from Quarry Orchard:

It isn't tea, cider, or cocoa.  It is warm Dr. Pepper with lemon.  She swears it is good.  Who here is brave enough to try it with me?


aggieam01 said...

I'll try the warm Dr. Pepper with lemon. It sounds pretty good actually. We shall see ;)

Shannon said...

It is- I PROMISE!!!!

Shannon (from Quarry Orchard)

Envymycooking said...

Thanks for featuring us! Love your site

Nank said...

I must be OLD! Hot Dr. Pepper with lemon was all the rage in the 60's and 70's! Check youtube, you might find an old commercial.

Amie said...

Sorry, I'm a Dew fan over Pepper any day, BUT: that carmel corn looks amazing! I went to her site and bookmarked it for a future FHE!

artistaggie said...

You can also make the warm Dr. Pepper w/orange -- it's an interesting drink. I just found out a couple of years ago that my dad loved it growing up! I prefer my Dr. Pepper cold, but that's just me ;-)