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Show and Tell Saturday - 9/18/10

Welcome back to September 18th edition of Show and Tell Saturday!  Where on earth did the first half of September disappear to?  If you find it, I would like some of it back!

  It is again that time of the week where you get to show off one of your projects to all of my great blog friends.  So pick the post you want to share and link up below.

Please grab this button and add it to your post or sidebar:

Then add a link to your favorite post of the week below.  

Please link directly to your post not just the homepage of your blog. 

Please be a friendly participant and check out some of the other projects that have been shared.  It is more fun when people are listening when you get up for show and tell!

I am looking forward to all of your fun projects.  I will be doing a couple features tomorrow from the posts that are submitted.  I am sure one will be full of Halloween goodness, so if you have something spooky to share, I would love to see it!


Myrnie said...

Such fun projects! Mine is a super simple pipecleaner doll I made with the girls to go along with a story we finished reading, but we sure had fun! Can't wait to check out these other posts!

Leanne said...

Thanks for hosting another fun party with great ideas.

Jen @ said...

Thanks for such a fun party!! It's fun to see all of the links!


Lori @ Projects Plenty said...

Lorie, thanks for hosting such a great party. So glad to have found your blog.