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Pumpkin Recipes

When I went to the grocery store this weekend, there were pumpkins right out front.  A ton of them.  And there were pumpkins I had never seen in real life, living in Arizona.  But there was a whole table of Cinderella pumpkins.  They were so pretty and it got me in the mood for Fall.  Okay, I was already in the mood for Fall, but this just got me more excited!

So I might have to make some pumpkin cream cheese like this yummy looking stuff from One Ordinary Day:

Or this pumpkin dip from Blissfully Domestic:

or even some pumpkin butter:

What is your favorite pumpkin recipe?


Amanda said...

OOhhh... that pumpkin butter looks awesome! I need to go dig up my pumpkin recipes now.

Amanda said...
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Jennifer said...

You're in Arizona?!?!? This whole time I've been thinking you're in Florida. No idea why.

I'm in AZ too, I'm not a location nerd :) (maybe just a regular nerd!)

Unknown said...

Gee, I heard pumpkins would be few this year due to the extreme heat?

Grammie/Mom said...

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies and my favorite recipe for Pumpkin Bread. Can't wait to make some of each!