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Pumpkin and Crow Door Decor

The mall by my house has a Dollar Tree inside.  I don't know if this is as unusual as I think it is, but never the less it is there.  Planted between the Sears and the Dillards.  

So while shopping for new church shoes for The Boy last night we stopped at Dollar Tree to look at what they had for Halloween.  And of course there were lots of fun things, including scary black crows.  It was there that Lou La taught Ruby the noise that a crow makes.  Ca-caw. Ca-caw.  Ca-caw. And even though she was pretty cute when she said it, she said it a lot!




So now I am afraid if I make one of these cute door hangers from Creative Passage that I will have to listen to her ca-caw for a month and a half:

I haven't decided if it is worth it or not yet.


Unknown said...

Back in the 90's, I lived in a touristy beach town and I worked at the Dollar Tree, in one of the malls. I always thought that was weird. :-)

~ The Speckled Dog

Jessica said...

I too think it is weird that there is a Dollar store inside of a mall. Just sitting next to Dillards....odd! :)

Love and Hugs, Jess

EllensCreativePassage said...

Thanks for featuring my crow and pumpkin door decoration!
Ca Caw!!

srldesign said...

I love the use of crows for Halloween, very creepy!

Ashley said...

It is odd to have a dollar tree in the mall but how convenient is that? We went in the dollar tree on Saturday and my daughter spotted the crows and now pretends its her pet bird.... so much for a Halloween decoration :)