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Irrational Halloween Wishlist 2010

Last year I started posting my irrational halloween wishlist.  The irrational wishlist is things that would be so fun to have, but would be silly just to buy or do for Halloween.  Things like buying a black leather couch to drape spooky torn cheese cloth over:

Now if you have a black leather couch, this isn't irrational at all.  Even if you wanted a black leather couch it wouldn't be too bad.  But I don't like leather couches personally.  Just for Halloween.  It also includes painting your front door and all of your dining room chairs orange.

My list has started already this year.  And it includes and orange beetle:

and a couple hundred pumpkins:

and it is only the beginning of September.  Heaven help us if we ever win the lottery.

What is on your irrational Halloween decoration list?


*Nikki* said...

oh i am gonna love this! i love decorating for halloween!! i love all the pumpkins!!

Brittanie Gordon said...

Love your list! Can't wait to see what else gets added :)

The Smith Hotel said...

That is too funny! We have an orange vw beetle(not a convertable though) and this time of year I call it The Great Pumpkin!

My wish list would be beautifully, artistically carved pumpkins......we just do it old school style.....but I can wish.


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

that car is now at the top of my list!

Julie - Happy, Frugal Mama said...

I actually am one of those people that doesn't do Halloween. Pretty much just waiting for it to be over.

But I do have quite the irrational Christmas decorating wishlist. :) Which includes a bigger house so I have more space to put my village and such. lol. :)

Christy said...

Looving the car, and I don't like to use the 'word' irrational with my wish list, in indicates a less than responsible attitude should I happen to purchase items on said list.....and I've been known to do strangers things. And now....better start carving by pumpking and painting my car if I want to be ready by Halloween. ;o)

nina@themissadventuresofnina said...

every year I said no more shopping for Halloween, but how can I stop when there's so much cuteness?
I want more pieces for our Halloween Village..I think that would be ok for now