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House Key Display

I still have the key to our AZ house on my key ring.  We still own the house, so I still need the key, but I probably don't need to carry it around on my key ring.  I still have the key to my in laws house on my key ring too.  They live in AZ.

In my desk drawer I have a ton of old keys on keychains.  My girls love to play with them.  I have the old key to my parents house, the key to the first house we owned when we got married, the key to my grandparents house.  I keep keys.  Which is probably why I love this idea from Love Stitched that I found on Tatertots and Jello:

Not only does it give me a clever use for all of those old keys, but it makes me feel better knowing I am not the only person that still has a key from every house she has ever lived in.


Rach said... did this also...sorry I can't give you the direct link to it.

Brittany@Love Stitched said...

Thanks so much for featuring me!!!! IT always makes my day to see my tutorials being featured!!! xoxo