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Young Hose Love Office Reveal

Young House Love finally finished their guest room/office makeover and if you haven't seen it yet, I wanted to show you some of my favorite things.

This really has nothing to do with it being an office or a guest bedroom, but I love that she made her own swatch book using the swatches from the home improvement store and a hole punch:

A great way to make sure you have the colors that you know you are going to like!  This would also be handy if you wanted to carry just a few colors around when shopping for things like curtains and throw pillows!  You could make a miniature version of this!

The next thing I love from the room is the mirror:

The mirror itself is cute, but they use it as a message board for their office!  And if they have a guest they can erase it and the guest can have a mirror.  Pretty clever!

And last but not least, since the room will be a playroom for their little one too, they decorated it with this cute flashcard garland:

I love that they decorated regular (cheap) clothes pins instead of buying special clips.  Plus, with some scraps of paper and mod podge you can add even more color!  And I already have a couple hundred of them lying around the house! 

If you want to check out the rest of this multi-functioning room, you can see it HERE.


Ellen said...

I love these clothespins being used like this. I have to totally use this idea. Thanks for sharing.


Katie said...

LOVE the office, and especially love that the ideas are affordable!