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World Wide Fred

If you have some free time and nothing to use it on you need to check out World Wide Fred.  The store is full of the craziest stuff.

Like Ninjabread Men:

I pretty much think all things Ninja are hilarious!

Beat It chopsticks:

which The Boy would LOVE!  He uses his chopsticks to drum with for days after we eat Chinese food. The only reason he stops is because I eventually find them and throw them away when he isn't looking!  Maybe we DON'T want these.

And this hilarious cover for your Iphone:

I will have to find out if the cover is any good at protecting your phone when you drop it a million times a day.  If so I might get it.  If not I will have to stick with the armor I have on the thing right now!

And last but not least, French Toast:

They actually have a Holy Toast option, which I think is really funny, but fear I might get struck down by lighting if I used it ever morning!

There is a ton of funny stuff, but don't go unless you have a good hour to waste.


Unknown said...

That sight is hillarious. Love the cookie cutters.

Megan said...

So going to check this one out. And I agree, ninjas are funny!

Lorie said...

Ninjas are the best!