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Random Star Wars Finds

I am always collecting cute Star Wars idea to show the boys that live in my house because the boys that live in my house love Star Wars.  So here are some of my recent Star Wars finds incase you have boys or girls in your house that love Star Wars too.

Lego Star Wars Space Invaders:

I can't even imagine how expensive this was to make.  Regular little lego men are like $5 a piece.  To buy all those storm troopers had to cost a small fortune!  It is cute though!  But we won't be making one any time soon.

Something else that we won't have in our home any time soon, Yoda Macaroons:

I have never made a macaroon, so I am probably not going to start with green Yoda macaroons.

And last but not least, Star Wars finger puppets:


The Pump Station said...

I'm not a huge fan of Star Wars but a big fan of LEGOs. Bet you didn't know the man who created Space Invaders was "inspired" by Star Wars?

shh I wish Pump Station sold LEGOS, but they aren't particularly safe for our customers.

I'll be sharing this. I'm sure we'll have a few moms and dads who may find this just as cool as your boys do.

Amy said...

Williams-Sonoma has Star Wars Cookie Cutters and Pancake Molds! Such fun!

Michelle said...

Look at your fancy new look Lori! LOVE IT!

Lorie said...

I have seen the WS molds. My SIL used to work there, so she always bought the fun Star Wars stuff for my son, but not anymore. *sigh*

Lorie said...


Thanks. It is a work in progress, but I spent WAY too much time on it today, but learned some new HTML stuff, so I am excited!

Britta said...

I love the finger oldest loves Star wars and legos, so you can imagine what his favorite is.

Heather - said...

Yay for star wars stuff! :) Thanks for linking to my finger puppets. You might like this one that I recently did: a crocheted chewbacca zipper pull: