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Painting Toast

Sunday Hotpants has the funnest tutorial involving toast I have ever seen:

Toast painting!  A little milk and some food coloring and you can have a lot of fun turning your breakfast into a work of art:

I have a feeling that Lou La would spend more time painting than eating her toast.  This  might be a fun way to write a message on the first day of school!

You can see her toast painting tutorial HERE.


Ellen said...

I love love love this idea!! How creative And thoughtful, so fun! Thanks for sharing!

Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

We tried it this morning - it's a special day at our house. It was fun, and the clean up was a cinch. So much better than finger painting or water colors.

rachel said...

I did this last year at the elementary school I work at... It was amazing how little mess there was and how much fun the kids had.