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Fuzzy Pom Pom Garlands

I guess there is a little nifty tool you can by that will make pom poms out of yarn.  I found out about it when I saw this DIY Pom Pom post on Poppytalk:

I love pom pom garlands.  Mostly because they are round and colorful, two of my favorite things.  This one is a little less work than making all of your pom poms yourself:

And if you want to put a fall spin on it, you could borrow this idea from Pink and Green Mama:

She glued acorn tops onto the pom poms and they used them for a craft project, but I say use the fall colored pom poms,  string them up and make a garland out of it!


Emily said...

Lorie, I also saw the pom pom garland on Poppytalk, but I have to say I'm LOVIN' the little acorn headed ones! SO cute:)

I'm lookin to do some sort of garland to spice up my apartment, just haven't decided yet on how/which one/which materials to use...

Victoria said...

I love the acorn ones- Thanks for sharing such great projects:)