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Doll Closet

I was looking through some ideas featured at Making the World Cuter when I found this idea from das Sushi:

What is it?  If you have little girls, it is a necessity:

Pull pack the curtains and you have a closet for doll and Barbie clothes.  I might not make mine as big, but I am not trying to think of a place to hang one of these babies from Ikea to use as a Barbie closet:

Maybe on one of the lower shelves in Lou La's closet.


alicia said...

You always find the most adorable ideas. I've missed stopping by. I'll have to catch up when I have a minute.

Lorie said...

Alicia, Thanks for stopping by!

Cynthia said...

Having a doll closet is one thing, getting my girls to USE it is another! A couple years ago, we 'knocked off' the American Girl nightstand/doll dresser for my girls. It turned out REALLY cute but they STILL scatter the doll clothes all over the house.