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Cake Bunting

See this really cute mini pennant garland:

I found it at Design Sponge, and it belongs to this:

Well, not exactly that cake.  The bunting doesn't match, but you get the idea.   And don't you love the idea!  Little pennant flag garlands on a cake!  

I am putting this on the list of possible cakes for Toot's Halloween birthday.  A purple, orange and black bunting.  Some fondant jack-o-lanterns resting against the sticks instead of the mushrooms.  Maybe the sticks will even be bones instead of just sticks.  We will have to see!


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

so cute! I love the idea of the bunting for a Halloween cake!!

Anna said...

I'm absolutely using your idea for Halloween! How fun would that be?

Kelsi said...

so cute! i wonder if i can somehow tweak that to look pirate-ish? we are having a "pirates and princess" party this fall for my son's 4th. come on, pirates like bunting, right??!

Lorie said...

You could add a skull and cross bones to the pennants and it would totally be pirate-ish.

They could have a chest of gold leaning up against one side and a princess crown on the other!!

Beth said...

OMG I love this idea! Totally bookmarking it. So, so cute.