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Bean Bag Toss

Do you remember the game Toss Across:

As a kid I was obsessed with this game.  They actually had it at a school carnival.  I wanted that game.  I don't know if I even ever ASKED for the game, but I was obsessed with it for a really long time.  If I came across it in a store I probably would talk myself into buying it for my kids.  The stuff we will do to appease our inner child.

Well, Amber from Sew Totally Smitten made a cute version herself:

And I am thinking that personalizing the bean bags is a great way to coordinate the game to just about any party.  Of course, there isn't the whole spinning pieces, but it would be pretty fun none the less.

I am even thinking this might be necessary in a Fall theme for a Fall Festival I am planning for church.  If you need a cute bean bag toss game, you can check out her tutorial HERE.


Unknown said...

making pumpkin shaped bean bags would be adorable for you!! Sue

Amie said...

I like this idea a lot more...the toss across game is actually too hard for kids! Not only do they have to aim right, but then be lucky enough for the thing to swing X or O accordingly. I think we played ours twice before it went to Goodwill.

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

I love this idea. Great for customized kid's parties!