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Lacing With Water Noodles

Somehow I didn't know that Craft Gossip had a kids craft section, Lesson Plans!  How did I miss this one? I am going to be paying more attention, starting with this recent post about a fun project to replace lacing little beads with a shoelace:

Sharla from My Little Gems cut up some pool noodles (which should be on clearance soon because the end of summer is approaching) and let her little ones use rope to practice lacing.  Plus your little one will do a lot less damage throwing these around than wooden beads!  You can check out Lacing with Water Noodles HERE.


Kirsty Girl said...

What a nifty idea! Thanks!
Just thought I'd stop by and offer up some blog love! :)

mylittlegems said...

thanks for the cool feature :) Do you have a feature button? and I did not know craft gossip had a lesson plans section either- much less that they featured this - how did I miss that? thanks again!!

Katie said...

I will be scouring the summer clearance! Thanks!!