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Dresser to TV Stand

I read a lot of blogs and I see a lot of before and after pictures where people find an old piece of furniture and make it look gorgeous with a fresh coat of paint.  I am sure you have seen it too.  But this has to be one of my favorite transformations ever.  Not just for the paint, but for the new purpose!

Tiffany Ruda took this old dresser:

And with a little paint and some rearranging turned it into this beautiful TV stand:

It took me a minute to even realize it was the same piece.  I love it and am not looking for a dresser so I can steal the idea!

Of course, we would have to get a new TV so it would fit on top, but we are in the neighborhood of needing a new one anyways.  Just don't tell my hubby I said that or we will have the new TV LONG before I ever find the dresser!
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