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Crayola Nail Art Pen

Crayola makes nail art pens?  How did I not know this?  I guess you can get them at Walmart.  I will be on the lookout.  What a fun summer activity for the girls!

Have you seen these?  Have you used them?  Either way, let me in on your best nail painting trick?  I love painting my nails, and the girls, but it usually looks like they painted them.  I don't really have any nail painting skills.


{edie} said...

Hmmm, my girls will LOVE these!
Thanks for sharing,

Lorie said...

Let me know if you find them! I am on the look out!!

Andrea said...

:D I bought one of these yesterday and I LOVE it!!! I've liked nail art since I was little and I've been doing nails (mani, pedi, & acrylics) for a few years now. This pen is fantastic!!! I gave myself a little french tip last night and I can't wait to finish my toes with it. Of all the stuff I've used for nail art, this is by far the easiest. I found mine at WalMart. I got the white, but there were a few more colors too.

Myrnie said...

My cousin's neighbor used to paint our nails- she would do a base color, and then paint teeny flowers on with craft paint. I think she used the wrong end of a small paint brush to do five petal dots, and one yellow dot in the middle...and she had tiny flat-backed crystals she'd sometimes stick to the wet paint. So fun!

Courtney said...

For nail detail, I've used blunt and pointed tooth picks. Recently, I've also started using various auto detailing brushes.