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Baby Clothes to Baby Doll Clothes

Sachiko from Tea Rose Home came up with another brilliant way to reuse baby clothes (for those of us that are way too sentimental to give them away).  She transformed them into doll clothes for her daughter to play with:

Lou loves dressing up dolls and she also loves watching old family movies.  I bet she would LOVE seeing the same patterns on her dolls dress that she was wearing in one of the old movies!  And they would be even easier to pass along because I think adults would much rather give their old toys to their kids than their old clothes!

And even better, if your little girl is old enough you could have her help you make them.  Such a fun project to use to learn to sew!

You can see how she made the doll clothes HERE and you can read about how much her daughter loved them HERE.

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Oona Johnson said...

What a clever idea! I love it when people find a good use for something that would otherwise be packed away in the dark.