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New Old Crates

Sawdust and Paper Scraps made a little more sawdust when she made these new crates:

And then made them look old:

I am thinking that I need to make some custom sized crates that are the correct size to hide all of our Wii accessories (guitars, drum sets, etc) and then make a lid for it so that I can use it for a coffee table!

You can see her tutorial HERE.

What do you need crates for?


Sawdust Girl said...

What fun to see my project on your blog. Thanks for the shout out. I'd love to see your crate coffee table. I was just thinking about a fitting place to hide the WII rock band instruments myself. Hmm. Good idea.

ellie g said...

I didn't know I DID need crates...and now I'm thinking I was mistaken. The guitars have been giving me ulcers since we got them. That's a good idea right there. I may be ulcer free in the near future!!