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Crazy Office Supply Stuff on the Web

Crazy things I want to make...even though I shouldn't.

This gigantic web:

It is made out of like a gajillion miles of packing tape.  And it is so strong people can actually climb up and sit in it:

But unfortunately I do not own a gajillion miles of packing tape.  I do, however, own enough paper clips to make one of these:

Actually enough to make all of those.  And even a set to give away.  To everyone I know.  (My husband has a crazy office supply addiction.  We are working on it!)

But you can buy the instructions to make these HERE.

And you remember this city made out of staples:

It is crazy what people can come up with using office supplies!

1 comment:

L a u r a said...

This is such an awesome post. I love all the creative office supply ideas!

Kind of reminds me of a friend who recently wrapped herself in plastic wrap, applied packaging tape over all that, then cut herself out of it. Then she filled it with white Christmas lights, and brought it around town taking pictures of her tape self in different places. (She's in art school.)