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Wildflour - Cute Flower Sandwhich

I always love the things that Kellie posts on Lil Nummies.  Not only are they always cute, but they really are easy to make.  So easy, that my kids enjoy making them too.  I am going to have to add these Wildflours to our lunch ideas for the summer:

Now I am glad that I have all those fun circle cookie cutters!


1 Funky Woman said...

OMG my daughter loves salami and cheese, she would love these!

Penelope said...

Oh that's very cool! My kids love polony (which I think is the same as bologna in US?) which I can't stand, but at least this way it'd look cute!

darcymae said...

i think it would be cuter (and yummier) with olives in the bottom instead of black rocks. but i'm not sure it would be as structurally sound.