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Sewing Machine Threading Tip

I love this idea from Martha:

If the thread you want to use on your machine is too large for the machine, you just use this tip:

Sometimes the perfect thread for a sewing project comes on a spool that's imperfectly sized for your sewing machine. The solution: Place the spool in a heavy mug, and position it on your work surface directly underneath the spool pin. Take hold of the thread end, and hook it over the spool pin before threading it into the machine as usual (the thread should form a 90-degree angle); the thread will unravel smoothly as you work.


Funky Junk Interiors said...

Awesomely clever! I get the best tips when I come and visit you. :)


Michelle said...

Pretty much the BEST advice I have gotten in the last 24 hours. Where was Martha when I was replacing a serger part and then retreading the dumb thing? It took me 3 hours to figure it out. THEN when I was done, I did my 45 second seam and was finished. I am getting headache flashbacks, must stop remembering....

Tori said...

Seriously have been trying to figure out how to make serger thread work on my sewing are a life saver (oh and martha too!) Thanks!

LunaMoonbeam said...

It would only work with those serger cones...BUT be careful? A clerk warned me that serger threads, because they're meant to be used four at a time, are much weaker than normal thread. However, a good brand (gutterman?) shouldn't be a problem!

Still - super clever! Those huge cones are SO much more economical than buying the tiny spools of thread.