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Salt Water Taffy

Have you ever made your own salt water taffy?  I have never even thought of doing it.  Pulling taffy by hand.  But after seeing this picture:

I think I want to give it a try.  I wonder if I can talk my sister-in-law's into making some with me this summer while I am in AZ!  Vanilla and Lace has a recipe and pictures that show you how to pull it.  You know, in case you are crazy interested like I am.


Holli said...

MMMM....taffy! Reminds me of growing up. I used to make taffy with my grandma =)

Courtney said...

Pulling taffy brings back some not so fond memories for me. My mom decided that my brother, my mom and myself would make it for Christmas. I remember having it all over my hands and face and getting in trouble from my dad for making a mess.
I might make it with some other adults, but no way would I ever try it with my little kids.
Kudos to my mom for trying though!! :)

Lorie said...


Oh no! I am sorry it brought back bad memories! :(

I think I still might try it though. As long as you go into it expecting a mess....

Taylor said...

Going to check it out, thanks!