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Mod Tree Art

I am not usually a fan of punches, unless they are generic shapes like circles that can be used over and over again.  But I might have to change my thinking (or at least find a friend who feels differently) because of this one:

Well, not really because of the punch, but because of what Taylor from Mary Jane and Galoshes did with it:

I bet you could use the punch to make some scary Halloween trees for an invitation.  Or a cute family tree chart.  Maybe it isn't a unitasking punch after all!


Unknown said...

Quite inventive. I love trees, and I can imagine using this in many paper crafts.

Happy Sunday,

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

That is a cute punch! I have a simular rubber stamp that I hope I can get some use out of. (instead of sitting in a drawer)

Taylor said...

Thanks for posting! I had thought about halloween trees as well!

Brittanie Gordon said...

SOO cute!! Thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

Inspired! I have a thing with trees. Love trees.