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Ready to Wear Clothes Line

I love this idea from Family Fun that I found on OhDeeDoh:

The cute faux clothes line is used to hang out the clothes for the next day.  That way they can get dressed all by themselves and feel independent.  

Or, it can give you a chance to preview what they have picked out and make sure they don't have some crazy outfit planned.   I am pretty lenient on the crazy...I don't mind that my 6-year-olds socks don't match her outfit because she wan't to wear blue polka dots with her pink striped shirt.  But I know my husband would like to preview them.  He is not a fan of the blue polka dot socks I bought her. 

And either way, the faux clothesline is pretty darn cute!


1 Funky Woman said...

Way cute, and how great for little ones to learn to pick up their clothes!

Unknown said...

Too cute!!

Stevie Jean said...

What a great idea! Too cute xoxo

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...


Katie said...

OhDeeDoh, Thank you SO!