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See this cool, colorful chandelier:

Guess what it is made of?  Gummy Bears:
A whole LOT of gummy bears.  But not real ones.  Acrylic ones.  I found it at Maddycakes Muse.  It is from Jellio and is called a candelier.  Not a candle chandelier, but a candy chandelier!  Love it!

And then I started looking around the Jellio site.  And I fell in love with a lot of things.  Let me just say you could have the COOLEST playroom ever with some of their stuff!

Like this table:

 This bench:

These stools:

Oh, and a giant viewfinder on the wall:

Way too much fun!


Kelly said...

love it. Man I need me some serious money to buy all that stuff

Stephanie R. said...

I love the cupcake stools! Absolutely awesome

Alexis said...

That Gummy Bear light is out of cool I can't stand it!