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Garden Pea Trellis

 If you are a gardener, you should check out these pea trellises that Jessika from Life is Good built:

Very handy and I actually really like the way they look.  The blue is fun too!  We didn't plant peas this year, although we do have a bean plant that my daughter brought home from school that is growing wildly out of control.  She won't let me plant it outside because she remembers the stray cats in Arizona killling our garden last year, and she is afraid that her little bean plant won't survive the great outdoors.

So instead it sits in the window and has wrapped itself around the string to the blinds.

If you want to be a little more garden savvy and use something besides your mini blinds to hold up your bean or pea plants, check out her tutorial HERE.


Hildie said...

Peas season is in the fall here! So you haven't missed it!

Lorie said...

Bwahahaha! Shows what I know!